Mancanza-Studio (LACK-Studio) by Stefano Odoardi

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MANCANZA won the Award for the Best Work in Progress Project in the Jeonju International Film Festival 2009 (South Korea)

Mancanza is a never written film.
A group of people meets in a hypothetic Heaven.

About the film
The film is based of improvised situations. The main concept of the director Stefano Odoardi has been to place a group of people in a hypothetical Heaven and, in this context, to film the reactions and reflections caused by this extraordinary situation.

“A film impression in liberal form. The artistic project of Stefano Odoardi with virtually no plot — it is filled with confessions and reflections on life and dying, impassive, made by figures passing the screen. In the background there are indefinite places, colorful umbrellas which draw attention; all is wrapped in oneiric poetics bringing to mind the achievements of the pre-war film avant-garde. The director declares that Lack is a film about love, which is: devoid of real structure and recognizable narration. By assumption it was completed without a screenplay, rejecting all film conventions, it became, in accord with the author’s assumption, a non-film film. The central idea of both the quasi-narration and the applied form of telling the story is doubt. The experimental work of the Italian director was recognized the best project in the Work in Progress category in 2009 at the Korean International Film Festival in Jeonju.”
(Samuel Novak)

Based on an idea by Stefano Odoardi
Directed by Stefano Odoardi
Camera Tarek and Stefano Odoardi
Editing Gianluca Stuard

With Nicola Lanci, Sebastiano Filocamo, Filippo Candeliere, Marzia Tedeschi, Anita Kravos, Carmela Lanci

And Maria Vittoria Scalingi, Conny Melchiorre, Enza Martelli, Gigliola D’Antonio, Franco Pompa, Concetta Di Carlo, Alessio Deventi, Gilberto Mantini, Franca De Martis, Chiara Grillo, Carmine Lanci, Antonio Odoardi, Ray Sugar Sandro, Cristina, Andrea, Tommaso

Original title:MANCANZA-STUDIO
English title: LACK-STUDIO
Lenght 55′
Format HD color
Shooting format HD color
Country Italy
Year 2011

Produced by O film in coproduction with Strike fp
with the support of Jeonju International Film Festival (South Korea)

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